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  • Anxiety

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    Do you often feel anxious, worried and afraid?

    Dealing with stress and worry is normal for everyone, but for some people, the worry and stress can feel paralyzing. Anxiety can make people afraid to ask for help when they need it most. Anxiety treatment can help you identify and cope with your fears and worries.  You may feel anxiety in these ways:

    • Constant worry or “obsessing”
    • Fears or phobias
    • Always expecting that the worst out of a situation
    • Feeling restless, on edge, and fidgety
    • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
    • Feelings of panic (racing pulse, hot flashes, chills, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest or abdomen, intestinal upset, fear of dying or having a heart attack, feeling detached from your body)
    • Difficulty falling or stay asleep
    • Feeling over-alert or hyper-vigilant or unable to relax
    • Overeating or under-eating
    • Fear of social situations

    Many people struggle with the emotional, physical, and mental symptoms of anxiety.

    According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting approximately 40 million adults. You are not alone in this! Anxiety can be difficult to conquer alone, but with effective anxiety treatment, you can learn skills to help you find relief.

    It is common to feel physical responses in our bodies when we feel anxious.  Anxiety treatment can help you understand how reactions in your brain and body contribute to your worried thoughts and emotions.

    Our brains often get triggered when stressed or scared, and we have a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. This response was meant to help us survive dangerous situations. However, sometimes our brains malfunction, and decide that everything is a threat, and we start feeling the physical reactions of “fight, flight, or freeze” at times when there is no danger, or when we need to feel brave, but our brain wants us to run the other way!

    Sweaty palms, racing heart, shortness of breath, a feeling of panic…. This is all part of your brain helping you survive. It is helpful if you are trying to survive a life- threatening situation, but not so helpful in a job interview, on a date, or just going into a public place!

    When you learn about the mechanics of anxiety and develop actual tools to help you cope with uncomfortable or even terrifying sensations, you can gain a sense of confidence in life you may have never felt before.

    Anxiety treatment can help you find relief.

    Do you ever wonder what it might be like to be that person who seems to move through life with ease, poise, and confidence?  The fear and worry associated with anxiety can often affect your self-esteem and confidence in many areas in life- work, social situations, and relationships.  In anxiety treatment, we can identify how you’re being held back in your life, and develop strategies to help you act and feel confident, relaxed, and at ease in social, professional, and other anxiety provoking situations.

    In anxiety treatment sessions, you will also learn how to identify the physical symptoms of anxiety, so that you can understand when your brain and nervous system are sending you signals that may increase your worrying and stress.

    We can help you develop coping skills to calm your nervous system, so that you can then calm your anxious thinking. With help, you can move forward with confidence and courage in your life.

    You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you conquer your worry and fear, but still have questions or concerns…

    I feel like I should be able to cope on my own. No one knows how anxious I really am.

    Sometimes, anxious people hide their anxiety well. Anxiety can take the form of debilitating fear that makes it impossible to leave your house, fly on an airplane, or stand in an elevator. Then, it can feel like the world knows you’re experiencing anxiety. It can also occur in people who can still take care of numerous responsibilities, talk to people all day, or look like they are functioning well on the surface.

    Anxiety knows no boundaries, no conditions. We live in a world where we face tremendous pressure to be “perfect”, to perform, and deliver, no matter what you do or who you are. Anxiety manifests in our relationships, our work, and our general level of happiness in life. With anxiety treatment, we can help you identify what anxiety is, what causes it, and how to live a life free of it!

    It’s just my nature to worry. I can’t change that about me.

    Even if you have a personality that seems wired for worry and stress, there is always a way to learn to calm yourself. You may not have anything to compare yourself to, because worrying has always been a part of you. Experiencing a new level of peace and acceptance is possible when you learn what drives your anxiety and how to calm yourself. The best news is that anxiety is treatable. Anxiety treatment can help you learn the tools you need to help you feel safe, courageous, and calm.