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  • Veronica Zhang, LCSW

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    You came to therapy because something doesn’t feel quite right; you would like to make changes, and you believe life could be different. My role as a therapist encompasses both supporting you in healing and challenging you to grow. I have experience in supporting clients who would like to heal from traumas, manage their emotions and behaviors more effectively, and those who would like to build a more respectful and compassionate relationship with food and their body. I also hold a special interest in supporting clients who are navigating various identities and experiences as immigrants, children of immigrants, and international individuals.

    I incorporate elements of Attachment Theory, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Humanistic/Existential Therapy into the therapeutic space. I trust in the healing power of a therapeutic relationship. I provide a collaborative and safe space to support my clients in exploring their current life state, accessing their own wisdom and potential, processing and healing from past wounds, relating to themselves and others in more satisfying ways. My hope is to come alongside you as you achieve goals and honor values that bring you a sense of purpose, meaning and contentment.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I hold a Bachelor of Science in Child, Youth, and Family Studies, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Master of Social Work specializing in mental health from University of Pittsburgh. I believe everyone’s unique life stories, identities, and strengths deserve to be understood, recognized, and honored. As a self-identified global citizen and an immigrant who values and celebrates diversity, I strive to incorporate cultural humility and cultural awareness into the therapeutic process. I provide therapy in both English and Chinese (Mandarin).