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  • EMDR

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    EMDR, sometimes called eye movement therapy, is a research-backed trauma therapy that uses our understanding of neuroscience to change how our brain deals with traumatic memories and traumatic stress. It works by helping to reprocess traumatic memories to make them less emotionally intense and overwhelming.

    As a result, your body, emotions, and brain can heal after years of feeling disconnected and distressed. With the help of EMDR Therapy, you may notice that feelings that previously felt too intense or overwhelming have less of a hold over you. You may also notice your relationship with others improve, as well as an overall improved functioning in various areas of your life.

    How Does EMDR Therapy work?

    During EMDR therapy sessions, your therapist will use a combination of exercises such as eye movement, auditory tones, or tapping, while you talk about your traumatic memories. When you combine bilateral stimulation with other techniques, you transform how traumatic memories are integrated within your brain.

    Trauma often causes the signals between the different parts of your brain as well as your brain and body to stop working properly. EMDR trauma therapy helps rebalance these connections.  As a result, your brain can process traumatic memories in a healthier and less stressful way.

    How can EMDR Therapy help me?

    Research on EMDR shows it reduces negative trauma and PTSD symptoms like intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks. It also helps people who have experienced trauma let go of past events that have been keeping them stuck. The feelings of powerlessness and distress change as your brain learns to soothe itself.  When you think of a past traumatic event, you’ll be able to use new strategies to help your brain, body, and emotions feel grounded and centered.