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    It may seem impossible right now to fix the problems in your relationship, and if you feel this way, you are not alone. We live in an age when many relationships are in trouble. Today, 50 to 67 percent of marriages end in divorce. Second marriages and blended families face greater challenges. Although our relationships make our lives most meaningful, it’s also our relationships that can challenge us the most. Stress, anxiety, cheating, broken trust, jealousy, anger, painful pasts, communication problems, and codependency are just some of the problems that relationships face. Do these sound familiar to you?

    Our marriage counseling sessions focus on solutions and strategies to help you and your spouse feel closer. Sessions may be emotionally and psychologically intense, but they will also provide you the opportunity for relief, release of negative emotions, and healing. We will explore how your past has affected your current relationships so you can stop the cycle of unhealthy relationship habits. You will understand each other’s needs and rebuild your relationship through honesty, accountability, respect, and loving kindness. Our counseling is focused on creating a marriage and relationship based on your shared values, goals, and aspirations.

    If you are in need of help with your relationship and you would like to take a step towards wellness and lasting change give us a call and we will help you start the process.